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Lake County Educational Service Center Profile 



The Lake County Educational Service Center (LCESC) is an integral part of the education system in our county and state.  We serve the students and staff of the 5 local, 2 exempted village, 2 city school districts and 1 joint vocational school in our county.  Enrollment for our districts is 31,500.  The rapidly changing educational environment in Ohio demands flexibility, innovation and dynamic leadership, and the LCESC strives to meet the needs of our districts today and tomorrow. We focus on the development of programs and hire key personnel to provide services that positively impact and improve instruction and student achievement throughout the county.

The LCESC uses a consortium model for programming.  The consortium model determines the program cost divided by the number of students participating.  The model encourages districts to work together and collaborate to design, build, and maintain the best programming to meet their needs.  The districts that are involved in the consortium also have a voice in the program.  The costs for these programs at current enrollment are noted below.  For personnel, there are a multitude of factors and market trends that impact this service.  Factors such as current market rates, schedule and case load needs of districts, long term and short term implications of compensation decisions, and available budget dollars.  The diversity of the Lake County districts provides us with the unique ability to offer a service at affordable, competitive costs in a flexible environment.  We also advise districts on these market trends and will target cost structures to meet district needs. Again, the ability to partipate as a consortium to share employees provides great flexibility for districts.

Cost examples can change at any time due to enrollment or case loads.  The list below represents a one-day "snapshot" and can change on a regular basis.


Lake County Educational Service Center Costs


Staff Development Programming:


          Early Childhood Directors

          Special Education Directors

          Elementary Principals

          Middle School Principals

          High School Principals

          Assistant Principals

          New Administrators

Professional Learning Communities:

          School Psychologists

          Related Service Personnel

          Early Childhood Staff

          English Language Learners (ELL)

          Transformation for Inclusion

Web-based Teacher Application Program

Cooperative Purchasing

Franklin B. Walter Scholarship Program

Substitute Teacher Services

Teacher Licensure Assistance

Home School Application Process

Gifted Supervision

Curriculum Supervision and Support

Professional Development for Administrative and Teaching Staff

Lake County Spelling Bee

Consulting on Daily Administrative Issues

Representation and Coordination with community Agencies and Programs



Educational Programs
Rates based on program expenses divided by the number of participating students

SAIL at Kennedy Academy

$201 per day

LEAD at Kennedy Academy

$203 per day

LEAD at Lake Erie College

$153 per day

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) at Crossroads

$100 per day--for the educational portion of the day. 

Lake County  Vocational Transition Consortium
(Cost per day includes Work-Study Transition Coordination Services)

$175 per day

The Lake Academy

$13,500 per slot;
$5,000 fee for special education services

Preschool Classrooms Range from

From  $20 - $80 per day depending on the needs of the child

Support Services
Rates based on current staff in the position and subject to change.

Gifted and Talented Coordination


Curriculum Supervision and Support

From $461 to $593 per day

Occupational Therapy Services*

From $335  to $519 per day

Physical Therapy Services*

From $379 to $533 per day

Speech/Language Pathology Services*

From $342  to $476 per day

Psychology Services*

From $406 to $540 per day

Work-Study Transition Coordination Services  (this service is included in the cost for LCVTC students)

$483 per day

Teacher Visually Impaired Services

$442 per day

Braille Transcription

$37 per hour

Orientation and Mobility Services

$92 per hour

English as a Second Language (ESL) Tutor Services

$35 per hour

1:1 and Classroom Aide Services*

$ 90 per day and up for a full time staff; if below 30 hours per week, cost is reduced based on omission of health benefits

Assistive Technology Evaluation

$500 through three trials and evaluation team report; $75 per hour; $40  per half hour for further services; $300 for support in obtaining funding for device

Nursing Services

$35 per hour

Substitute Nursing Services

$35 per hour

Before School Programs

$4 per day

After School Programs

$6 per day

*Range indicates current staff in place.  The rate ranges reflect salary based on experience, benefits and the personnel administration fee.  The LCESC is willing to work with districts to find personnel who meet their financial needs as well as their service needs whenever possible.


GRANTS Awarded to Lake County ESC

ESCs, A Vital Link In Ohio's Public Education System written by Ohio Educational Service Center Association (OESCA) Executive Director Craig Burford.  The article talks about the role of Educational Service Centers in Ohio.  It appeared in the June 13, 2013 copy of Ohio School Board Association's Journal magazine.


Total Staff Members: 201
LCESC Organizational Chart

*School District Profile ~ the Lake County ESC directly serves the Lake County School Districts

Locals: 5
Combined ADM 14,542
Kirtland Local School District
Madison Local City School District
Riverside Local School District
Perry Local School District
Painesville City Local School District

Exempted Village: 2
Combined ADM 9,200
Fairport Harbor Exempted Village School District
Mentor Exempted Village School District

City: 2
Combined ADM 10,050
Wickliffe City School District
Willoughby Eastlake City School District

JVS: 2
Auburn Joint Vocational School
Lake Shore Compact Ohio College Tech Prep

ADM of Largest School District: 8,700

ADM of Smallest School District: 560

Region 4 State Support Team serves both Lake and Geauga Counties

Number of students the ESC provides direct services to:

365 Preschool students

100 School-age students

Professional Development:

Last year the Lake County ESC held 230 professional development events attended by 2,773 education personnel from 18 districts and 28 different groups.


Total Revenue $20 million

Total Expenditures $20 million

Total Payroll $8 million

*In accordance with Ohio Revised Code, one of the basic and most fundamental functions of the Educational Service Center of Lake County is to assist with the administrative and service functions for these school districts. Accordingly, funds and personnel shall serve this basic purpose.


Emergency Preparedness
Collect and assemble digitized Lake Co. school district floor plans, save to an external drive for use by the Lake Co. Sheriff’s Dept. in case of an emergency.
Bus Driver Approval
Approval process for all Lake Co. bus drivers
Personnel Coordination
Coordinate SLPs, OTs, PTs, and Intervention Specialists
Work-Study Program
Provide a work-study coordinator
STEM Lead Practitioner, Teacher Externships, Porter STEM Institute
Spelling Bee
Coordination for Lake Co.
Substitute Approval for Lake Co.
Including Paperwork, Substitute Training and Fingerprinting
Principals Association Meetings
High School, Middle School, Elementary, and Assistant principals meet monthly
Monthly Superintendent Meetings
Pertinent topics discussed with Lake County superintendents
Curriculum Meetings
Pertinent topics to curriculum discussed with district curriculum directors
Special Ed Director Meetings
Pertinent topics to Special Education discussed with district Special Ed staff
Annual Lake Co. Administrative Retreat
Yearly conference which focuses on pertinent topics to the districts of Lake County
Connect the Dots
Higher Ed and K-12 Curriculum Alignment
Special Education Programming
LEAD, LCVTC, Unique Like Me, Kennedy Academy
Alternative School Program
The Lake Academy
Preschool Regular and Special Education
Broadmoor, Fairport Harbor, Kirtland, Perry, Riverside, Willoughby-Eastlake
EMIS/Infinite Campus Coordination
For early childhood programs
CPI Training/Refreshers
Mandatory state trainings
EC Intentional Teaching
Training for EC teachers
EC Core Team Meetings
Federal and State updates to Lake & Geauga EC administrators
OTES Training
State trainer provides assistance
OPES Training
State trainer provides assistance
Technical Trainings
Apps for Educators/Tech Innovators Series/NWEA Stepping Stones to Using Data
ACT Prep Training  for students
Student ACT Prep
Academy for Administrative Leadership in Technology  (AALT)
Consortium training for administrators in Technology Leadership
Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication handicapped CHildren (TEACCH) Training
Training the TEACCH method to Lake & Geauga teachers
New Administrator Training
Special Education Directors receive training from SST
Book Talk/Study
As related through grants
Flipping the Classroom
Teaching strategy
Reggio Study Group
Training the Reggio method to Lake & Geauga teachers
Human Resources Roadshow
Coordinate district special education needs
SLO Training
Train the trainer model
Alternate Assessment
Lake & Geauga teacher training in new achievement testing for students
IEP Training
Training special education staff
Lead Teacher Evaluation - CSU
Preparing teachers to be master teachers

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Ohio Principal Evaluation System (OPES)
Reimbursement for trainings
Reimbursement for trainings
Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES)
Reimbursement for trainings
Cleveland Foundation
Autism Classroom (Kennedy)
Martha Holden Jennings Foundation
STEM Lead Practitioner
Martha Holden Jennings Foundation
Martha Holden Jennings Foundation
Book Talk
Lubrizol Foundation
STEM – Learning Tour
Lubrizol Foundation
Lubrizol Foundation
Alliance for Working Together (AWT)
STEM – Learning Tour
Lake Health
Resident Educator
Early Childhood Education
Lake Co. PS program
Lubrizol Foundation
The Lake Academy
Walmart Foundation
The Lake Academy
Partners in Science Excellence
The Lake Academy
Partners in Science Excellence
The Lake Academy
United Way
The Lake Academy – Volunteer Program
United Way
The Lake Academy – Social Worker
The Cleveland Foundation
The Lake Academy
Clean City of Willoughby
The Lake Academy
Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)

Lake County Educational Service Center
382 Blackbrook Road, Painesville, Ohio 44077
Phone 440-350-2563 / Fax 440-350-2566
Superintendent, Brian Bontempo