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Lake County ESC - History

Lake County ESC - History
In 1914, the Ohio General Assemble created County Boards of Education to better organize the state’s educational system. At the end of 1915, in Lake County there were 147 teachers employed at 147 buildings, 45 of which were one-room schools. Children were transported to and from school by horse-drawn wagons. In 1917, there was compulsory attendance for every child 8-15 (if male) and 8-16 (if female), with certificates awarded for boys 15 who passed 6th grade and girls 16 who passed 7th grade. The compulsory attendance age was changed in 1922 to every child from six to sixteen, with children required to stay in school between 16-18 years of age unless they were granted an employment certificate.

In 1915 a uniform pay schedule (same pay for same service and qualifications throughout the district) was proposed to keep quality teachers in the district. The Lake County Board of Education was responsible for setting the requirements for granting teaching certificates. Teacher exams were held on a regular basis in Painesville for High School teachers wishing to earn one-year and three-year certificates. Requirements for earning teaching certificates increased steadily through the years with examinations being gradually replaced by specialized training in education. In 1936, the local Boards of Examiners were abolished and new Laws governed the certification of teachers throughout Ohio

Lake County Joint Vocational School District was created in 1963 and has grown and changed to fill a need for specialized education and training for Lake County youth. Classes offered have included Data Processing, Welding/Sheet Metal, Auto Mechanics, Industrial Electronics, Graphic Communication, Computer, Cosmetology, and Drafting as well as Education for EMR students in grades 10 through 12. Teachers with special training, and Counselors helped students prepare for entry into the workforce.

The Lake County Board has added (and subtracted) positions as needs have changed through the years. Staff has included Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents, Treasurers, Curriculum and Instructional Specialists, Literacy Specialists, psychologists, high school, middle school and elementary school supervisors, learning disability, gifted and talented and media center coordinators, instructional technology coordinators, and support personnel. The Lake County Office of Education has, since its inception, provided its local districts with beneficial services (as identified and requested by them) and has provided a vital link between them and the State Department of Education.



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