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ESCWR Online Learning Academy

ESCWR Online Learning Academy

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The ESC of the Western Reserve has teamed with local school districts to provide the Online Learning Academy, an alternative on-line program. Students can gain new credits, recoup lost credits and get help from experienced teachers.

For the 2021-2022 school year, the ESCWR offers three program options for districts to choose from. 

I. Digital Only Options--Non Inclusive of Instructional Support
  • Districts are solely responsible for rostering, monitoring, and instruction . 

  • Consultation from ESCWR staff will be provided upon request. 

  • Districts purchase SchoolsPLP and/or Edmentum Full Year licenses.

II. Self-Paced Option--Monitoring and Tutoring Support

  • Students will work independently in courses available 24/7.

  • ESCWR staff provides enrollment, progress tracking, academic support, grading of student submissions, feedback, and virtual tutoring by appointment via Zoom or in person at a designated location.

  • ESCWR staff will communicate with students and their families with district support.

  • Enrichment, Honors, and AP courses for gifted and advanced students are offered.   

  • Credit Recovery students will cycle through Credit Recovery blocks lasting five weeks, with an additional week for teachers to grade assignments.  Three Credit Recovery blocks will take place in the Fall Semester and three Credit Recovery blocks will take place in the Spring Semester.  Students who do not independently start and complete work in the first week of the block will be disenrolled and will need to re-enroll in the next block. Districts will not be charged additionally when this occurs. Clear pacing and monitoring guidelines will be established to keep students on track and ensure course completion. The ESCWR staff will be flexible with students who are in a time-crunch and need a district-required course for graduation. 

III. Virtual Learning Alternative--Assigned Teacher with Daily Interaction 

  • The Virtual Learning Alternative program is designed as a collaborative with districts and is outlined below in detail.

  • District appointed personnel will need to attend a monthly collaborative meeting with the ESCWR in order to ensure consistency and continuity of policies and procedures to support quality of services to families and guarantee all guidance components are met.  We are requiring a District administrator and district guidance staff.

  • For any courses requested outside the planned course offerings, students/districts may opt to take courses from the self-paced catalog. Districts will pay the full-time Virtual Learning Alternative price when this occurs. Example:  An Honors or AP student needs a few SchoolsPLP self-paced courses.

Virtual Learning Alternative--Assigned Teacher w/ Daily Interaction Program Overview

For the 2021-2022 school year, the program will serve students in Kindergarten to Grade 12 with qualifying extenuating circumstances such as medical and/or personal reasons. Districts will be responsible for creating and collecting documentation to determine eligible enrollment.  

  • The program is a comprehensive, 5 days a week online instructional program.

  • Students will be required to engage in the program via a suitable device with internet access synchronously and asynchronously, 5 days a week to fully participate in the online learning academy and must follow the home school district acceptable use policy.

  • Students under 12 years of age are required to be supervised by an adult during school hours to participate in the program.

  • Students will be expected to reapply for enrollment in the program each year.

  • Computers/devices will need to be provided by the home district/school (iPads are not recommended).

  • Enrollment is intended to be a full-year commitment for the 2021-2022 school year.  However, students may apply to transfer back to their assigned school during designated semester transfer windows.  Transfers are contingent upon space, staffing, and program eligibility.

Program Eligibility

Students may apply for The ESCWR Online Learning Academy when:

  • A student or student’s family is experiencing extenuating circumstances related to health or other reasons that could be mitigated through a virtual learning experience.  Demonstrated improvement when participating in virtual learning may be considered an extenuating circumstance. Academics, attendance, and engagement documentation should be provided. 

  • Parents/guardians/eligible students seeking enrollment in Virtual Learning Alternative should provide documentation of extenuating circumstances necessitating participation in virtual learning rather than in-person learning.

  • Documentation of extenuating circumstances may include evidence of ongoing treatment by a healthcare provider of issues related to the health of a student, or a member of the student’s immediate household, that may be significantly impacted by potential exposure to COVID-19 and which could be mitigated by the student’s participation in virtual learning.  It may also include any supporting materials that help to support the application and review process, including but not limited to grades, attendance, engagement, and other data.  In the absence of such documentation, evidence of such extenuating circumstances will be obtained through consultation with district staff.

  • Student enrollment is based on contracts with districts/schools and students enrolled in those districts/schools.