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Gaitway High School

Gaitway High School

Gaitway High School
Gaitway High School is the first of its kind in the country! This school operates in a nontraditional setting where students with emotional and educational needs are integrated into the daily workings of a nationally recognized therapeutic riding center. Students receive a comprehensive educational program with a full complement of academic courses and vocational education. They also benefit from the support of low teacher-to-student ratios, emotional wellness initiatives, and an experiential learning curriculum. Gaitway High School is a collaborative effort of Fieldstone Farm Therapeutic Riding Center and the ESC of the Western Reserve. Gaitway High School exists for high school students who thrive best in a non-traditional environment with support from caring, experienced professionals. Gaitway High School also offers connection to the natural environment, the opportunity to experience a connection with horses, and the setting to allow experimental application of classroom theory. Gaitway High School is devoted to each student's personal success.

Entry way at Gaitway High School

Current Program Strengths: 
  1. Student  improvement in the areas of academics, social skills, and emotional wellness
  2. Increased student attendance over previous school history
  3. Increased student grade point averages
  4. Student connectedness to Gaitway High School 
  5. Development of healthy relationships among peers and with staff
  6. Supportive, and interested community, and strong staff investment in student outcomes
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Contact Information

Anthony Forfia is pictured
Anthony Forfia
Program Administrator
Phone Number: 440-708-0013 ext. 152

Nancy Santilli is pictured
Nancy Santilli
Assistant Superintendent of the ESC of the Western Reserve
Office: 440-350-2563 x 705


Gaitway High School is located in Chagrin Falls.