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Gaitway High School

Gaitway High School

Gaitway High School
Gaitway High School is a place where students are given the support to succeed within a unique environment focused on experiential learning. They come from school districts across Northeast Ohio, where they may have struggled in a traditional school setting. The small class sizes and individualized lesson plans help students thrive. Gaitway High School is a partnership between Fieldstone Farm Therapeutic Riding Center and the ESC of the Western Reserve (ESCWR). Gaining valuable social and emotional skills, students engage with each other and the Gaitway faculty as they follow a customized curriculum that aligns with Ohio Learning Standards. Gaitway High School, which opened in 2006, was the first high school in the country situated at a therapeutic riding center. Students benefit from the connection with horses and vocational opportunities at the farm. 

Gaitway has a full-time principal, specially-trained and certified teachers, job coaches, and a licensed social worker. A low student-to-teacher ratio helps students find success and receive the personalized education that they need. 

Placement is determined by each student's IEP team.  A referral by the student’s home school district and approval by the Educational Service Center of the Western Reserve's Program Administrator is required. Please speak to Anthony Forfia, Gaitway Principal, for admission information. Gaitway has been so successful at the high school level, that we now accept eighth-grade students.

As a part of Gaitways students’ experience at the farm, many are given the opportunity to volunteer to help with classes
for people with disabilities which teaches them about responsibility and giving back to others.

Who is appropriate for Gaitway High School?
Students with 
- Depression or other mood disorders
- Learning disabilities
- Anxiety due to the large size of their home school

What we offer our students: 
- Low student-to-teacher ratio
- Social skill training
- Experiential learning
- Vocational job training
- Volunteer opportunities
- A meaningful connection with horses that supports personal and educational growth

For enrollment information, please contact Anthony Forfia, our Gaitway Principal at [email protected] or 440-708-0013 ext. 152. 
Entry way at Gaitway High School

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Contact Information

Anthony Forfia is pictured
Anthony Forfia
Program Administrator
Phone Number: 440-708-0013 ext. 152


Gaitway High School is located at 16497 Snyder Road, Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44023.