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STARS and SAIL Programs


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Our mission is to provide educational services to school-aged students diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, in an academic environment that fosters acceptance, independence, and success.

* Academic Instruction using Ohio's Academic Content Standards, including the Extended standards, as applicable,  

* Inclusion opportunities available, including academic, extacurricular, reverse mainstram, and/or social skills groups, 

* Highly trained staff utilize both Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and TEACCH structures, 

* Community and Vocational Devlopment, 

* Communication & Assistive Technology, 

* Social & Behavioral Skill Development, 

* Sensory Integration, 

* Academic Development, 

* Parental Involvement & Traininga (including home visits), 

* Recreation & Leisure Skills, & Adative Physical Education 

Staff Philosophy: 

The most effective way to educate children is through a multi-methodological approach.

All students should have access to the Ohio Academic Content Standards, including the Extended Standars. Curriculum materials should be modified to progress student learning. 

Skill development is imperative to student success: attention, imitation, communication and language, social relationships, symbolic play, imagination, self-regulation & fine/ gross motor. 

All behavior has a communicative purpose and it is our responsibility to assess and strive to determin the communicative intent of each behavior.

All students should be respected as intelligent individuals and be challenged to meet their fullest potential. 

Families need to be active partners in their child's education process. 

Vocational education is an important part of educational programming. 

Community participation, involvement, and awareness is essential for student success.  




Geauga County:
West Geauga High School- 
13401 Chillicothe Road, Chesterland OH 44026

Lake County:
56 Hale Road, Painesville Township OH, 44077

Contact Information

Cathy Gibbons
Special Education Supervisor

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