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Cross-Categorical Educational Program

Cross-Categorical Educational Program

Our cross-categorical educational program serves students, grades 9th-12th+ with multiple disabilities who require moderate to intensive instruction and aims to provide all students, regardless of disability, an educational program in a supportive environment that meets the individual needs of the student. The class can accommodate eight students and is led by a licensed intervention specialist and supported by qualified classroom aides. Students receive instruction in the core academic areas with a modified curriculum based on the Ohio Department of Education and Workforce Standards and Extended Standards. Our program empowers young individuals with multiple disabilities through a supportive and integrated educational environment designed to ensure each student thrives to the best ability both in school and beyond. Our program includes:

  • Academic Instruction using Ohio's Academic Content Standards, including the Extended standards, as applicable  

  • Inclusion opportunities available, including academic, extracurricular, reverse mainstream, and/or social skills groups 

  • Highly trained staff 

  • Community and Vocational Development 

  • Communication and Assistive Technology Utilized

  • Social and Behavioral Skill Development

  • Sensory Integration 

  • Individualized Academic Development 

  • Recreation and Leisure Skills, & Adaptive Physical Education 


All students should have access to the Ohio Academic Content Standards, including the Extended Standards. Curriculum materials should be modified to progress student learning. 

Skill development is imperative to student success: attention, imitation, communication and language, social relationships, symbolic play, imagination, self-regulation, and fine/gross motor. 

All behavior has a communicative purpose and it is our responsibility to assess and strive to determine the communicative intent of each behavior.

All students should be respected as intelligent individuals and be challenged to meet their fullest potential. 

Families need to be active partners in their child's education process. 

Vocational education is an important part of educational programming. 

Community participation, involvement, and awareness are essential for student success, especially beyond school.

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Pam Epler, Ph.D. 
Coordinator, Special Education 
[email protected] or 440.796.0506