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Transportation Services

The ESC of the Western Reserve continually strives to meet the needs of the districts in a cost effective manner.  Over the years, transportation has become an expense for districts that send students outside of their district for programming and services.  The districts have a need to provide this service to their students more efficiently and at a lower cost.  The ESC has developed a funding model and programming plan to do just that.  It is the goal of the ESC to assist districts in planning more efficient routes to outside programs as well as to provide the service to those districts who would otherwise have to purchase private transportation services or expend district resources on runs with only a few students.  


District personnel will work with the staff of the ESC of the Western Reserve to map out where students are traveling to and from each day for programming.  Commonalities and overlap will be determined. The ESC will facilitate districts sharing services in a more efficient and thus cost effective manner.  The ESC will work to keep updated route lists as a resource to districts.

Our Fleet

The ESC of the Western Reserve currently operates eight (8) school vans, which are available before and after school, which includes one with a wheelchair lift to expand our services.  The ESC of the Western Reserve is always willing to expand to meet districts’ needs.

Funding Model

When a district is not able to provide transportation to a student using their own staff due to time or funding constraints, the ESC of the Western Reserve offers a fair and affordable option for student transportation.  Districts’ costs are afforded more savings as more students are added to each individual route.  

Lastly, routes with one or two riders will be at the discretion of the ESC. The ESC will attempt to run routes with at least three students in order to bring the greatest cost savings to districts. 

Contact Pat McKenrick for current fee structure.


Billing rate adjustments occur when there are changes in ridership, mileage, and/or time traveled.  Ridership is based on contracted services and not student attendance just as all other ESC services and programs.

The Need

The leadership of the ESC of the Western Reserve along with the school districts in Lake and Geauga Counties identified a need for special transportation options.  Transportation of students can be costly. The ESC of the Western Reserve will work to provide cost effective, efficient options to school districts.  

Contact Information

Pat McKenrick pictured
Pat McKenrick, 
Transportation Supervisor
Phone Number: 440-487-4897