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Truancy Services

Truancy Services

At the Educational Service Center of the Western Reserve, we understand that school attendance is crucial for student success. Our Truancy Services are designed to support students, families, and schools by addressing attendance issues and ensuring every student has the opportunity to thrive academically and socially. Please feel free to share our flyer with those who may be interested in this service. 

Services Include:
Attendance Monitoring: We work closely with schools to monitor student attendance and identify patterns of absenteeism.

Early Intervention: Our team intervenes early to address attendance issues, and provide support to students and families to improve attendance.

Family Support: We offer resources and assistance to families, helping them overcome barriers
to school attendance.

Community Partnerships: We collaborate with community organizations to provide additional support and resources to students and families in need.

Legal Support: Our team provides guidance about truancy laws and legal options for addressing chronic absenteeism.

Benefits of Our Program:
Improved Academic Performance: Attendance is linked to higher academic achievement. By addressing attendance issues early, we help students stay on track academically.

Increased Engagement: Our services help students feel more connected to their school community, leading to increased engagement and participation.

Positive Behavior: Improved attendance often leads to better behavior in school, creating a more positive learning environment for everyone.

Contact Information

To learn more about our Truancy Services, and how we can support your school district and students, please contact Pat Brockway at [email protected]